Conformation Evaluation of the Trotter & Pacer

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A Must-Watch Before Heading to the Auctions

Tattersalls' conformation advisor Bob Boni travels around the country evaluating the racing potential of Standardbreds for successful people in the industry.

Boni has produced a DVD titled Conformation Evaluation of the Trotter and Pacer. In it he shares with you his 30 years of experience selecting winning Standardbreds. After watching his DVD, you will know how to spot good and bad conformation characteristics in every horse you evaluate, how conformation faults affect trotters and pacers differently, what conformation flaws you can live with, and which ones must be avoided. Boni shows you what differences to look for between trotters and pacers, which faults you can overlook in trotters but not pacers, and vice versa.

Conformation Evaluation of the Trotter and Pacer teaches you what characteristics to look for when selecting Standardbred yearlings. Don't attend another sale until you have seen this DVD.