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ned f. bower

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Born in 1923 in Ravenna, Ohio, Ned Bower began his career in harness racing in 1950 working for the Frank Ervin Stable. After four years Bower left to become a private trainer for the Allwood Stable. At Allwood, Bower trained and drove The Intruder to win the 1956 Hambletonian, the last one held at Good Time Park in Goshen. That win made him the second youngest driver to win the prestigious race in his first appearance. Known as a "filly man," Ned Bower owned several who went on to be top brood mares. They included Victoria's Lou, Victoria's Leah, Desert Wind and Speedrise Coaltown. During the mid-1970s Bower trained two other Hambletonian contenders, Anvil and Pershing. In 1982 Bower worked with long-time friend Delvin Miller to race Arndon for a world record of 1:54 at the Red Mile. Bower established training facilities at Ben White Raceway in Orlando, Florida and the Red Mile in Lexington, Kentucky. Ned Bower died on March 25, 1993 in Orlando, Florida.

Published in the Harness Racing Museum's 1995 book, The 1995 Immortals