Unsung Heroes of World War One: How Horses, Donkeys and Mules Changed the First World War

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Of all the information out there, there is surprisingly little about horses in World War 1. The history of the WW1 Cavalry is key to the war. War animals were vital to both sides success and failure. Key questions like "why were horses used in World War 1?" and "how were horses used in World War 1?" are now addressed in this book. Donkeys, mules, and horses used in World War 1 are discussed in depth. If you ever wondered "how many horses were killed in World War 1?" or "how many horses died in World War One?" Was the "War Horse" a true story? If you want to know how many horses died in ww1, were horse memorials built, what was the job of the warrior horse, and many others, this is your book.