Hall of Immortals - Horses

Year of Induction:2000
Biography:Fan Hanover was one of harness racing's most outstanding female competitors. A multiple world champion, her 45 career victories were...Read more
Year of Induction:2002
Biography:Flat Foot Fluzy was owned by John Stoddard and Ed Lohmeyer and was bred in 1987 by Lohmeyer and William Simon, all of New Jersey....Read more
Year of Induction:2013
Biography:Trotter Flicka Frost, dam of Hambletonian Stake winners Timothy T. and Christopher T. (both by Triple Crown winner and Hall of Fame...Read more
Biography:Foaled in 1845 in Oneida County, New York and bred by Samuel Welch, Flora Temple was the daughter of Bogus Hunter and Madam...Read more
Biography:A Spud Hanover-Florimel foal of 1947, Florican was owned by Arden Homestead and spent his stud career at Castleton Farm. He was a world...Read more
Biography:The daughter of Florican and Flying Queen, this foal of 1964 was a multiple stakes winner who finished fifth in a heat of the 1967...Read more
Biography:A Hickory Pride-Pert Yankee-Titan Hanover foal, Fresh Yankee was bred at Charles Keller's Yankeeland Farm, Frederick, Maryland. She was...Read more