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Biography:A Worthy Boy-Muriel Hanover horse, Sharpshooter was one of the most successful sires in New York State and ranked well up in the...Read more
Biography:Little did anyone expect that the small, spindly legged yearling wearing hip number 33 at the 1973 Liberty Bell Sale would one day turn...Read more
Biography:Named for the white marking on his forehead, Single G. was foaled in 1910, sired by Anderson Wilkes out of Little Gyp. He was bred by W...Read more
Biography:"The pacing wonder" of the late 1870s, this saddle-bred horse, whose sire Tom Rolfe was a son of the world champion free-legged pacer...Read more
Year of Induction:2015
Biography:No Standardbred has ever raced a faster mile, and no pacer has ever earned more in a single season than world champion 2008 Horse of the...Read more
Biography:Foaled in 1954, Speedster was the son of Rodney and the Dean Hanover mare Mimi Hanover. The winner of nearly $100,000, ...Read more
Year of Induction:1996
Biography:Speedy Crown was a great racehorse and a great sire. Trained by Hall of Famer Howard Beissinger, the Speedy Scot colt out of Missile Toe...Read more
Biography:Foaled in 1960 at Castleton Farm in Kentucky and sired by Speedster out of Scotch Love, Speedy Scot earned his place in Standardbred...Read more
Year of Induction:2003
Biography:Foaled on April 17, 1975, trotter Speedy Somolli was bred by Robert Mumma of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. At foaling, he was registered and...Read more
Biography:By Lee Tide out of Petrex and bred by David Look, Spencer was foaled at Castleton Farm in Kentucky. In the hands of Alonzo McDonald,...Read more