Hall of Immortals - People

Biography:Born in 1849 at Little Falls, New York, John Splan quit school as a young boy and worked on a farm near his home. From there...Read more
Biography:Richard Staley, a native of Decatur, Illinois, was born on September 20, 1930. His grandfather established the A. E. Staley Co., which...Read more
Biography:Leland Stanford was born near Albany, New York in 1824. In 1852 he went West (just after the 1849 gold rush) and made his fortune....Read more
Biography:Born in 1852 in Camden, New Jersey, George Starr became interested in riding as a boy. He started out as a steeplechaser, but gave it up...Read more
Year of Induction:2021
Biography:Born on March 15, 1953, Geoffrey Stein was the co-owner of Preferred Equine Marketing and co-manager of both the Lexington Selected...Read more
Biography:An Ohio native, Harry Stokes began driving and racing trotters on half-mile tracks throughout the state. His first "good drive" was in...Read more
Biography:Owner of the famed Patchen Wilkes Farm in Kentucky (named after the farm's head stallion), W. E. D. Stokes belonged to a family of great...Read more
Biography:An accomplished amateur reinsman and for many years associated with Nat Ray, the winning driver of the first Hambletonian Stake in 1926...Read more