Hall of Immortals - People

Biography:Frank Caton was born in Northville, Michigan on September 3, 1852. He learned about horsemanship from his father, whose techniques would...Read more
Biography:"Will" Caton was born in Wyandotte, Michigan, son of Frank Caton, the famous trainer of Russian horses. Will traveled with his family to...Read more
Year of Induction:1980
Biography:A native of Toronto, Canada, John Chapman was one of the sport's most successful trainers and drivers. In 33 years he won 3,...Read more
Biography:As an all-around horseman, Marvin Childs earned a reputation as a fine trainer-driver while still a young man traveling the Grand...Read more
Year of Induction:2022
Biography:Trainer Aime Choquette was born in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada on October 31, 1914, the second son in a family of eight children. As a...Read more
Year of Induction:2024
Biography:Born in 1863, James Clark began his career as a horseman at the age of fourteen in Professor Dan Corbin’s blacksmith shop in Friendship...Read more
Biography:The Goshen, New York-born Joseph Saunders Coates began his harness racing career in 1882. He was twenty-three years old. Within five...Read more
Year of Induction:2019
Biography:Dr. Leroy Coggins was one of the founding group of North Carolina State University administrators that established that university’s...Read more
Year of Induction:2023
Biography:Charlie Coleman, one of the best-known caretakers ever to use a rub rag, was born in 1921 in Chester, South Carolina. During his...Read more
Year of Induction:1987
Biography:Inducted into the Living Hall of Fame in 1987, William "Bill" Connors began his career in harness racing in 1946 at Maywood Park in...Read more