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Biography:Nicholas Winfield Scott Leighton was born in Auburn, Maine in 1847 to Nicholas and Deborah Whitney Leighton. Showing an early interest...Read more
Year of Induction:1995
Biography:James "Ted" Leonard, one of harness racing's most respected racing officials, was born in Decatur, Illinois on October 29, 1925. His...Read more
Year of Induction:1967
Biography:"The Godfather" of modern harness racing, George Morton Levy was born in Seaford, Long Island, New York in 1888. He first...Read more
Biography:David M. Look, born in 1863 of a wealthy family, after his schooling took an interest in the trotting horse. He settled in Lexington,...Read more
Year of Induction:1986
Biography:Born in Abington, Massachusetts, Jim Lynch was a former director of racing at Philadelphia's Liberty Bell Park, where he handled both...Read more
Biography:In the post Civil War era of 1865 to 1885, Dan Mace was known as "the wizard of the reins." In those days Mace had the largest public...Read more
Biography:Gus Macey, born in 1856 on a Kentucky farm near Lexington, was raised to train and drive trotters. His first horse, Maud Macey, launched...Read more
Biography:Born in Bessemer, Michigan in 1907, Donald MacFarlane graduated from the University of Michigan Law School. He was a very successful...Read more
Biography:John E. Madden, a native of Pennsylvania, when young was an outstanding athlete. He became interested in trotters in the middle 1880s...Read more
Biography:Joe Markey's ardent readers knew him as "Marque." Born in 1867 in Chillicothe, Missouri, he grew up in Red Oak, Iowa. A young man...Read more