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Biography:Lewis D. Williams, a native of Cadiz, Ohio, was born on March 1, 1947.  Developing an interest in Standardbred racehorses through...Read more
Biography:William H. Wilson was born in Whiteside County, Illinois on November 5, 1837 and grew up in Chicago. At the age of fifteen he made...Read more
Biography:Son of a wealthy American railroad builder, Walter Winans was born in 1852 near St. Petersburg, Russia. Educated there, he moved to...Read more
Year of Induction:2019
Biography:One of eight siblings, Ted Wing was born in 1948 in Greenville, Maine, to Morris and Emily Wing. Wing’s grandfather Harold raced in...Read more
Biography:Born in 1895 in Colonie, New York, Frank Wiswall drove his first harness race at the age of fourteen. He was an amateur driver...Read more
Biography:General William Temple Withers was born on January 8, 1825 in Harrison County, Kentucky. He graduated from Bacon College in Harrodsburg...Read more
Biography:Frank Woodland was born in 1890 in the trotting-minded Ohio community of Washington Courthouse. He began his career at Southern Trotting...Read more
Biography:Hiram Woodruff was born in 1817 near Flemington, New Jersey. His father John was noted as a trainer of trotters. In 1831, at the age of...Read more
Year of Induction:1982
Biography:Norman S. Woolworth was born in New York City on December 7, 1926. He was the son of Pauline Stanbury Woolworth and Norman Bailey...Read more
Biography:Born in 1851, William Wright was the master of Calumet Farm, first near Chicago and later at Lexington, Kentucky, where he bred and...Read more