Living Hall of Fame Election Information

The United States Harness Writers Association conceived the idea for the Living Hall of Fame in 1958

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How does a person become a member of The Living Hall of Fame? Each year living persons, who have made a significant contribution to the sport of Harness Racing, are nominated by the members of The United States Harness Writers Association (USHWA) at each chapter level.

The criteria that guides selection requires ability, integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contribution to harness racing. To be eligible a nominee must have been active in any phase of harness racing. A selection screening committee, consisting of senior USHWA writers and Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame Trustees who are members of the Living Hall of Fame (acting as non-voting advisors) refines the list to a manageable number.

Biographies are then prepared and ballots sent to all writers with ten or more years of membership in the Association. Seventy-five percent of the ballots cast are required for election. Induction ceremonies take place at The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame, Goshen, NY, on the first Sunday in July. Honorees receive a commemorative ring. A lifelike statuette of each inductee is created and displayed in the Museum's Hall of Fame Gallery. For more information, contact the Secretary of USHWA at [email protected].


How does a horse become a member of The Living Hall of Fame? The Bylaws of The Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame provide for the establishment, within the Museum, of a classification for living Standardbred horses known as The Living Horse Hall of Fame.

The Trustees of the Museum appoint a Nominating Committee. Based on the following approved criteria, they make selections for candidates for election.

  1. The horse must be drug free in official penalties in its racing career AND
  2. The horse must be retired at least five years AND

For race horses:

  • the horse must have won 75% of its lifetime starts OR
  • gone undefeated in a campaign of 12 or more races OR
  • been the winner of $3 million lifetime OR
  • been named Horse of the Year (US and/or Canada)

For stallions:

  • rank among the top 10 money-winning sires of all time at his gait OR
  • have sired at least 100 $200,000 winners OR
  • been leading money-winning sire at his gait in three or more seasons

For broodmares:

  • produced a $1 million winner and two other $500,000 winners OR
  • produced a Horse of the Year and one other $500,000 winner

*Broodmares meeting the "broodmare category" criteria are automatically elected members of the Harness Racing Living Hall of Fame by the Museum's Board of Trustees.

Each year a slate of not more than five nominees is presented to the Museum's Membership. Members are entitled to not more than two votes each. Voting is by ballot, which is sent to all members in good standing as soon as the Board of Trustees has approved the slate. Completed ballots must be returned to the Museum's Membership Office on or before January 1st. The two horses receiving sufficient votes as specified by the Board of Trustees are the winners.

Horses not receiving sufficient votes to be elected may be renominated the following year.

Induction ceremonies take place on Hall of Fame Day, the first Sunday in July. A commemorative plaque is installed in the Hall of Fame in honor and recognition of the inductee. A replica of the plaque is presented to the horse's current owner(s).

How Immortals Are Elected

How does a person or horse become an Immortal?

A Museum member can nominate a person or a trotter or pacer to be an Immortal. Nominations must be accompanied by biographical information outlining the nominee's contributions to the Standardbred sport and must be received by the Museum Director no later than March 1st of any given year. These nominations are reviewed by an Immortals Committee; recommendations are made to the Hall of Fame's full board of trustees and the board elects Immortals at its annual meeting on Hall of Fame Day, the first Sunday in July.

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