Living Hall of Fame

Year of Induction:1970
Biography:Stanley Dancer was born on July 25, 1927 and was the youngest son of New Jersey dairy and potato farmer James Dancer and his wife Helen...Read more
Year of Induction:2001
Biography:Vernon Dancer was born in Red Valley, New Jersey on August 3, 1923.  He drove his first race at Freehold in 1952 with the...Read more
Year of Induction:1994
Biography:Joe DeFrank became addicted to harness racing as a youngster at Batavia Downs, near his home in Holly, New York. There he met his mentor...Read more
Year of Induction:2002
Biography:Born in Rexburg, Idaho on May 9, 1923, Jim Dennis grew up with Standardbreds. His father, Noah, and five uncles trained and drove them....Read more
Year of Induction:2003
Biography:Born in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, on September 27, 1940, Jim Doherty, like many of today's top horsemen, got his start in the...Read more
Year of Induction:1975
Biography:Born in the Bronx, New York in 1912, Jim Dunnigan was the son of New York State Senator John J. Dunnigan, who authored...Read more