Visitor Reviews

Take a moment and read some recent comments made by museum visitors:

2/20 “I passed by for the past two years and finally stopped. Can’t wait to come back with friends.There’s too much to see in one day.”

2/25 “I last visited five years ago. I absolutely loved my visit today.”

3/1 “I came here when I was in third grade.I brought my wife today and we both thoroughly loved it.”

3/1 “Awesome!” said Freehold Raceway’s Program Manager.

3/2 "Heard about us from the AAA book. Had a wonderful time."

3/12 Saw “FREE” sign—son lives by track. “Wonderful experience.” “Very well thought out and done.”

3/15 “Very interesting.”

3/15 "Visiting relatives in the area and stopped in. Loved everything and will return to see more!"

6/ 19 “What a wonderful museum!”

7/11 “A delightful learning experience.”

7/12 “The 3-D simulator was awesome.”

8/07 "Positively loved the museum"

8/10 "Wonderful experience"

8/11 "Had a ball"

8/12 "Very pleasantly surprised"

8/27 "Continue the Excellent Work!"

8/30 Visitors from Maine - "It was excellent. We wish we had more time to enjoy."

1/2 "Very Cool -- Better than Disneyland!"

1/25 "Been here in the '70s. It was a wonderful walk down memory lane."