Hall of Immortals - People

Biography:Born on a farm in Springwater Valley, Genessee County, New York in 1839, Charles Marvin's equine skills began at an early age, in...Read more
Biography:William T. Maybury first became active in the sport in 1936 as an owner. His Maybury Farms produced the world champion Galophone 1:58.1...Read more
Biography:The son of Ned McCarr, a prominent trainer-driver from the mid-1890s until the late 1930s, Ken McCarr became one of the sport's leading...Read more
Biography:Ned McCarr, born in Canada, moved to Wisconsin as a young man and started working with the trotters as a groom. He began to train horses...Read more
Biography:"Knapsack" William McCarthy was born in 1849. Little was known of him until he appeared as a young man at the stable of Dan Mace,...Read more
Biography:David McClary was born in London, Canada circa 1877. He is best known as the trainer-driver of Star Pointer, who became the first two-...Read more
Biography:A leading amateur driver, Mary McCune was the first woman to be elected an Immortal in The Hall of Fame of the Trotter now...Read more
Biography:"Mike" McDevitt, born in 1862 in Floss, Ontario, Canada, as a young man went to work in the steel mills of Captain Shaw of Pittsburgh....Read more
Biography:Born in 1862 near Malone, New York, Lon McDonald started as a groom for Orrin Partridge and in 1891 went to C. J. Hamlin's...Read more
Biography:Born in 1849 in Avon in western New York, Andrew McDowell was left an orphan and raised by a farmer in that area. "Andy" began...Read more