Hall of Immortals - People

Biography:As a director and officer of a number of Standardbred organizations, Colonel Harold Willis Nichols was co-operator (with wife Katherine...Read more
Year of Induction:1993
Biography:Corwin M. Nixon was not an individual driven by power or personal profit. He was an uncomplicated, unpretentious man whose thoughts and...Read more
Year of Induction:1971
Biography:Joe O'Brien was born in 1917 on Prince Edward Island, Canada. In a career that spanned 45 years, he compiled a remarkable record as a...Read more
Biography:Born on October 19, 1862, Henry "Harry" Oliver was a well-known businessman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well as the one-time owner of...Read more
Year of Induction:1988
Biography:Kenneth Dale Owen was born August 23, 1903 in New Harmony, Indiana during the Posey County week-long race meet. Although K. D.'s...Read more
Biography:Septer F. "Sep" Palin was born in 1878 in Indiana. He graduated from farming into training horses. He first raced over the smaller...Read more
Biography:Known as the Poet Laureate, Walter Palmer was born in Prairie Center, Illinois in 1865. As a young man he was active in harness racing...Read more
Biography:Born in 1898 in Hillsboro, Ohio, Doc Parshall was raised with horses. He attended high school and graduated from the Indiana Veterinary...Read more
Year of Induction:1994
Biography:John Patterson, Sr., a modest, soft-spoken, unfailingly polite Southern gentleman, was the only child born to postal employee John...Read more
Biography:Born in 1875 on a farm near Mechanicsburg, Ohio, the son of a successful importer of horses and cattle, Charles Phellis owned his first...Read more