Hall of Immortals - People

Year of Induction:1975
Biography:Born in Harvard, Massachusetts in 1920, Del Cameron followed in the footsteps of his father Horace, who was a trainer-driver....Read more
Biography:Born in Gaffney, South Carolina in 1891, "Sol" Camp went west in 1923 to help on his brother's cattle ranch. He settled in Shafter...Read more
Biography:Son of Asa Candler, an early leader of The Coca-Cola Company, Walter Candler was a highly successful businessman. He founded Lullwater...Read more
Biography:Bill Cane was born in 1874 in Jersey City, New Jersey and followed his father into the building trade. He loved driving horses and...Read more
Biography:This Ohio native's career spanned 60 years as a trainer, driver, and breeder of harness horses. Gabe Cartnal acquired his...Read more
Biography:Born December 11, 1819, Jerome Increase Case was of "grand old New England stock" and was best known for the development of a...Read more
Year of Induction:1993
Biography:John Cashman served as president and general manager of Castleton Farms, one of the sport's pre-eminent breeding organizations. He was...Read more
Biography:Frank Caton was born in Northville, Michigan on September 3, 1852. He learned about horsemanship from his father, whose techniques would...Read more
Biography:"Will" Caton was born in Wyandotte, Michigan, son of Frank Caton, the famous trainer of Russian horses. Will traveled with his family to...Read more
Year of Induction:1980
Biography:A native of Toronto, Canada, John Chapman was one of the sport's most successful trainers and drivers. In 33 years he won 3,...Read more