Hall of Immortals - People

Biography:Born in 1869 in Cleveland, Ohio, H. K. Devereux as a youth was an excellent athlete and later grew to love driving trotters, with his...Read more
Biography:Watson B. Dickerman, born in Mount Carmel, Connecticut in 1846, founded the Hillanddale Farm in Mamaroneck, New York. It was here that...Read more
Biography:Born in Indiana, "Johnny Dick" first made headlines in the high-wheel days and became a second trainer for Budd Doble in 1893. Later, as...Read more
Biography:"Billy Dick" was born in 1872 in Versailles, Indiana. As a young man he moved to Goshen, New York where he had a public stable, and...Read more
Biography:Robert L. Dickey contributed to the sport immensely as an artist, cartoonist and writer. Born in Marshall, Michigan in 1861, he began to...Read more
Biography:Born in May 1843 in Philadelphia, Budd Doble came from a trotting horse family. His father John, known as "Uncle Billy," and three...Read more
Biography:Born in Groton, Connecticut in 1866, John Dodge became interested in trotting horses after graduation from college. Successful in the...Read more
Year of Induction:2003
Biography:Born in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, on September 27, 1940, Jim Doherty, like many of today's top horsemen, got his start in the...Read more
Biography:Born in Circleville, Oho in 1878, L. G. Duffy was a familiar name in harness racing for over half a century. He was for many years...Read more
Biography:Roger Duncan began his fifty-six years of service to the sport at the age of seventeen, working for the National Trotting Association (...Read more